Biogaran was founded in 1996 to answer the needs of a new and unknown market in France: generic medicines.
We offer our patients quality medicines with a recognized efficacy and quality. At the time, this emanated from a new type of know-how that traditional laboratories did not possess. Since its creation, Biogaran has been autonomously led by a generic-medicine specialist: Mr. Pascal Brière.

As a French laboratory, we distribute nowadays 263 million boxes per annum (source : GERS 2017) and within a few years we have become the 3rd laboratory in France in terms of number of medicines delivered to patients (source : GERS December 2017).

Thanks to our new and responsible approach to medicines, the French public positioned Biogaran as their favorite brand of generic medicines*.
*Among respondents who had accepted to express themselves regarding their favorite brand of generic medicines – BVA study January 2014

Biogaran is part of a foundation providing strong financial stability. It is the member of a group of companies that represent 4 billion euros – with Biogaran representing nearly 1 billion euros. Biogaran is the 1st affiliate of the 1st family-owned French medicine company.

Biogaran, a brand with meaning

BIOéquivalence GARANtie (the French words for Bioequivalence Guarantee)

The name Biogaran is born out of the contraction of the French words Bioéquivalence Garantie. Our generic medicines have the exact same active ingredients and therapeutic effect as the original drug.

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